Ice maker machine, ice cube maker

Curently there are a lot of Ice maker machine, ice cube maker appeared on the market by many companies which are unknown origin, or are imported from China with poor quality. These things will make people who want to buy – do not know how to get a genuine reputable industrial ice making machine with high quality, along with good warranty, maintenance included. Please come to Viet An to get an ice machine that you desire.

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Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in manufacturing, distributing, and suppling all kinds of industrial tube ice machine, tube ice maker as well as system of industrial purified water filter. Machines’re for manufacturing purified ice have always been trusted and welcome by the people. Along with that warranty and customer services also make Viet An to become the first choice in providing ice tube maker, water filters, and many kind of machines.

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Cube ice machine – ice maker

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company’s ice cube maker, ice maker machine (under USApec-VA Name) is a industrial ice producing machine – it is used for producing purified ice with many types, shapes, and different sizes, in order to serve all needs of customers.

This tube ice machine is made from advanced and modern US technology, with  high speed in producing, saving up to 30% of power capacity, easy to use with compact design. Besire that ice will achieve standards of food hygiene and safety.

Cost of ice is affected mainly by the price of electricity, when you purchase Viet An’s product – it will save up to 30% power consumption – that means you can reduce the cost down at lowest level to compete against competitors on the market. Simultaneously, you can calculate by your-self that much money of electricity can be save. Isn’t it a small number?


Ice maker (ice machine) for producing good quality of ice



Ordinal No.Capacity / day Price in VNDTechnical specifications
1Ice maker machine 1 ton169,000,000Details
2Ice maker machine 2 ton199,000,000Details
3Ice maker machine 3 ton249,000,000Details
4Ice maker machine 4 ton249,000,000Details
5Ice maker machine 5 ton299,000,000Details
6Ice maker machine 6 ton329,000,000Details
7Ice cube maker 7 ton349,000,000Details
8Ice cube maker 8 ton379,000,000Details
9Ice cube maker 9 ton419,000,000Details
10Ice cube maker 10 ton459,000,000Details
11Ice cube maker 11 ton489,000,000Details
12Ice cube maker 12 ton519,000,000Details
13Ice machine 13 ton559,000,000Details
14Ice machine 14 ton599,000,000Details
15Tube ice machine 15 ton659,000,000Details
16Tube ice machine 20 ton819,000,000Details
17Ice cube machine 25 ton999,000,000Details
18Tube ice maker 30 ton1,199,000,000Details
19Ice makers for sale 40 ton1,599,000,000Details
20Ice making machine 50 ton1,989,000,000Details
21Ice tube maker 60 ton2,199,000,000Details
22Flake ice machine 100 ton3,899,000,000Details

Price of tube ice maker above will change unstable – depending on the buying time and the unit’s configuration you choose to install. Each engine capacity consistent with different user objects. For being consulted on choosing appropriate capacity, and know exactly and fastest about ice maker machine costs. Please call 0942 41 41 41.

The types of ice maker machine, tube ice maker can be made:

In addition, Viet An also produces many kinds of tube ice maker, tube ice machine with different sizes according to customer requirements.


Warranty service when buying our company’s industrial purified ice machine.

Warranty time of tube ice maker: 12 to 24 months

Running maintenance services, after ice maker machine is out of warranty.

05 years later, the product will be maintained whole one time,

Viet An’s ice makers have a lifespan high, up to 15 years.


Nearly 10 years experience in the water industry and ice maker machine, we have supplied to the domestic and international market for thousands of flake ice machine, ice manufacturing systems, tube ice maker, purified ice with different capacity. Some typical customers use our ice maker machine products.

Binh Minh tourism Joint-stock Company
Address: ward 9-Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh was using ice making machine 50 tons Price: 2.4 billionVND installed in 2013.

Pharmaceutical Company Limited Hoang Lien

Address: Lot H6, D5 road, IPs Hoa Xa My Xa commune, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province has used distilled water filtration system 4500 L / H.

Dong Duong international contruction and trading join stock company

Address: 2 Le Van Thiem – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi, set up an ice cube maker (ice maker machine) 25 tons in LAO with price 1.750.000.000 VND.

Co., Ltd. manufactures and trade Doan Duong

Address: Don village, Yen Trung Commune, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh has used water filtration system with capacity 1000L / h.

Viet An’s commitments

Viet An ensures that ice maker machine products is best on the market. Come to me, you will own the best one tube ice maker, enjoy greatest service about ice makers that you can’t find it in anywhere else.

Video machines for producing purified ice USApec:

Please contact Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company when you want to own the best quality tube ice machine.

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If you have any questions about the demand for purified ice maker machine, tube ice maker, please contact the nearest Viet An branch for advices and support. Besite call for: 0943 41 41 41 (HOTLINE).

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